Wednesday, January 20, 2010

How stupid can one man get? – Arizona Marathon Race Report

Remember last week when I did a ‘surprise’ 50 miler? You may recall how I was in pain and my feet hurt; my legs hurt; hell even my shoulders hurt! You would think that something like that would teach a person to take a break right?!

NOPE! Not even close.

Instead I find myself lining up on the start line for the Phoenix (Arizona) Rock and Roll marathon.

Just to add insult to injury, I have strapped on my feet a brand new pair of shoes that I have worn exactly zero miles! My last pair of shoes got me through all my training and my ultra and were pushing 550 miles. So I decided that it was time to retire them. Besides I had gotten these shoes on a great deal at a local tri-store going out of business sale. Great deal for me but bad for the company and the tri-community as a whole.

JohnnyTri and I start the race running stride for stride. This is a training run for him on his way to his second 50 later in the year and for me this is a test to see if I can survive.

Everything is good until mile 3, when we meet up with the Mrs. and JT’s girl. Around this time, we lose contact with a TNT member from Las Vegas, Ester. This is her first marathon and she had decided to run along with us. However, at this point she was gone and we never caught her again.

With only JT and me to keep ourselves entertained, we start examining the run gate of other runners. JT also manages to tease the any Viking fans about the Dallas game (unbeknownst to us- Dallas would get KILLED!!). I realize that JT could be the only person in the history of running that creates an angry mob! My hope is that this will help us run faster!

By mile 15, all teasing and critiquing of others has stopped. There are no words. Each of us is in our own private hell. The 50 miler is starting to wear on me and my feet are starting to get sore. It is about this time that the crowds also are tired of the run and start to dissipate. All the cheerleaders are barely there and the bands are taking breaks. How come it always seems that way? Right when you need the bands the most they shut down?

As we reach the home stretch, it’s pure determination pushing us though. I’ve gone this far and I am not going to quit now! Are only salvation is the walk breaks we take, which lead to the inevitable struggle: Walking feels so good, but it’ll take forever; the run is going to hurt, but if I can just hurry it up it’ll all be done soon!

Once the finish line is in sight, I find the Mrs. and pick up my 7 year old niece from out of the crowd and she runs into the finish line with me. JT makes a mad dash and beats me to the finish line, but I get him back by monopolizing his finish video!

Next up? Hopefully a whole of speed training! I’ll keep you posted.


RBR said...

*shakes head*


*walks away mystified and feeling just a little inadequate*

P.S. Got the check, thank you. I am taking that one into the bank deposit in person. I can not WAIT to see the teller's face. You big freak.

ShirleyPerly said...

I love you because you make me look sane.

Congrats on another marathon finish. And as far as speed training, I'll believe it when I see it ;-)

Kelly said...

What, another blog post!!! But it has only been a week since your last one not months:-) All that running must be messing with your brain!

I'm proud of you even if I think you've gone off the deep end.

The Stretch Doc said...

Hey where is my Check??? dang, still in the mail!

Insane is totally right! this guy is way more WhackO than me!!!

And Hell yea, 2 blogs within a week!! WTH!! Now that only proves he is somewhat Sane, umm, I think.

Either way dude! you held strong out there and I thank you for making me run that extra minute when I wanted to walk. I was actually hating you for it but I knew it would only get us to the end faster. You are da MAN!!!
Now go run a 100 this weekend!!!