Sunday, June 14, 2009

Reassurance Insurance

I've mentioned it before, but Dave the president of the Las Vegas Tri club, has a computrainer with the CDA course.

I've used it before and while I had a mediocre resulting time for riding the 56, I enjoyed seeing the course and knowing the turns and hills.

I figured I'd go for it again. I am in taper and could use a easy spin and another chance to see the course.

I should have a much easier time right? I mean I've done umpteen centuries since then. I've conquered the King of the mountains series for goodness sake. What can CDA hold compared to that?! Easy peasy right?


Everything started out great. The first part is nice flat/downhill area. I'm flying along feeling fast. Watching my mph average climb, even the first little hill didn't take the wind out of my sails.

I have visions of greatness dancing through my head. Then I hit the first real and my speed crashes to the ground. I feel like I'm stuck in the mud. My speed has dropped to 6mph and its not even a bad hill! I look ahead and realize how long of ride this is gonna be!

After a while I cease even caring. I am just mashing the gears, hoping that this will end soon. I put my head down, close my eyes and just keep pedaling. At one point, I think I have actually fallen asleep! My legs are still moving, but my mind has lost track, I suddenly become aware of where I am (in Dave's garage), and what I am doing. I look up and try to get my bearings. Luckily I am staring at large TV screen and not a large vehicle as it comes barreling down on me!

After that, I realized I needed some distraction. I found solace in watching a DVD of Lance ride his way to his 6 TDF victory.

While it helped pass the time, it wasn't the best at keeping me focused on the course (putting my head down wasn't a big help either). I am not certain I know the course any better than the first time I rode it.

Well that's not entirely true. I now have a crap load of respect for the course. It was tough, it was tiring and I only did one loop!

I had hoped that all my King of the mountain rides would make this a breeze.

Unfortunately, I didn't get the reassurance I was looking for.


Dave said...

I've just tried to make peace with the fact that it *will* be tough, but so will I. Hope you have a safe trip up. We'll be flying out there Wednesday - I've been dying to see the course in person for the last few days.

The Stretch Doc said...

Your going to do great. I Personally thought the Computrainer was harder than the real course and remember I rode that damn computer course 112 Miles!

just keep pedaling but maybe not put your head down, HA!


RBR said...

I ran 5 miles through wet cement yesterday, so... yeah... I hear ya.

When I was done I thought, "Gee, only 135.6 to go! Super!"

Some things I have been meaning to tell you, but have been too f-ing tired to:

1. You are a HUGE F-ING ROCKSTAR! I cannot believe you did ALL of the King of the Mountains Challenge!

2. You have gotten so fast and strong! I am so amazed by/proud of/happy for you!

3. We are racing on Father's Day. It is YOUR day! You will rock this thing!

4. Thank you for everything. You have been such a great friend and source of support through this whole crazy thing.

I can't wait to see you in CdA!

p.s. I am DEAD serious about the saving me pizza thing. You fight those damn skinny sons of bitches off. ;o)

ShirleyPerly said...

I agree with JT. I think trainer rides (to include Computrainer ones) are definitely tougher than riding outdoors. For one thing, there's no coasting. Don't let this ride shake your confidence. You've already done the training and nothing you do during the last couple weeks of tapering should matter.


richvans said...

Yeah, some of those hills on the Computrainer are brutal. I drove the course this afternoon and although I was in a truck, I don't think the hills will be as tough as the trainer. At least not for the first loop - that second loop has me concerned!

The wind was howling out of the south this morning so the whitecaps were pounding the shore. Glad it got that out of its system - now it should be glass for Sunday.