Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Oh the places you'll go...

...and the people you'll see!

I am officially on taper now, have been since the a few days before Kian was born.

Now that I finally have some time, I plan on getting back into the blog world again. I have been called out for falling off the face of the earth.

And it's true. I disappeared.

Not that I wasn't training. Not that I didn't have anything to say. Rather I think it’s because I had too much to say.

I have wanted to post ever since I did the Breathless Agony ride. I have visions of songs and's gonna be a musical!

Unfortunately, I am not a very good producer. So the idea has sat there. Sat there and grown stale. "Pretty and unused" "rotting on the vine" so on and so...

And while it sits there and spoils, it's blocking up the rest of the post. I have a whole plethora of ideas that are slowly curdling like spoilt milk.

So...I have decided to just start tossing my ideas out there. Willy-nilly!!

It may come out discombobulated (like this post) but at least they'll be out there.


Look for more wild tails of mirth and folly (or sweat and tears).

I'll also be catching up on everyone's blog too. Everyone is out there doing great rides, and finding new PR's.

Right now I am so far behind, I'll never die.


IronWaddler said...

Glad to see you back. Enjoy the taper and the baby.

SWTrigal said...

Thinking of you today and that baby..We will be at Lake Mead for an AW swim on Tuesday if you want to hop into the lake with us in between baby duty.
Let me know..we are passing through on our way from Lake Tahoe century...
I can't believe you have a new baby and have been training for IMCDA. You are a stud!

SWTrigal said...

That would be open water swim..

Calyx Meredith said...

Your little guy has PERFECT timing to arrive right at the beginning of your taper. The musical production idea cracked me up - it's amazing where the brain goes on those loooonnnng rides, isn't it?

RBR said...

Why are you so damn perky?! I am an exhausted, cranky mess.

You have trained for an Ironman, worked full time and your wife HAD A FREAKING BABY!

May I repeat, why are you so damn perky?!

You are sooooo ready to rock this thing out! You will be the coolest dad on the course!

Smooches to you, Kelly and Kian!