Friday, October 22, 2010

By the seat of my pants

Typically you update your blog when you do something. Go for a long ride, put it on the blog. Have a great run, put it on the blog.

Honestly I've been pretty much faithful to that. But as you may have noticed there have not been any updates. That's because I haven't done ANYTHING!!

I have been fat and lazy. Each week I plan on doing something, anything to get me off the couch but alas it all comes down to nothing. That's not entirely true, I have ben on a small bike ride of 10 miles and I've done some runs but they've all been small runs mostly around 3 miles. So I just haven't felt like blogging because I just haven't done anything.

But recently the Mrs. decided that the only way to get me off the couch was to train for a half marathon. It worked like a charm and I've been running several times per week with her. We are starting small but working our way up. Heck, even with just 3-5 miles several times power week it is a lot more than I've done in the past month.

Yet strangely it doesn't feel like enough. I am used to training for an Ironman. My body is used to being out all day and coming home exhausted. Now I'm done in less than an hour and that's it for the day or even two. My body cries out for more!

So I restarted my P90X program. It's still a killer. I'm sore after every workout and I am hopeful that if I can stick to the program, I'll have a new body and a new attitude.


It still feels like something is missing. I feel like I still have some endurance left in me and as hard as P90X is, it isn't an endurance workout.

So I looked around. There are lots of events around me, but most are all biking events and right now I am sick of the bike. That means that the local triathlon is out too. For run events, we have a marathon and while I honestly feel like I could run a marathon right now, I don't think it will be a fast one. And dammit I want a fast one. But that means months of training and while I'm restless I am still lazy.

What to do? Well if I can run a marathon then 'theoretically' I can double that if I include walking in there too. So that means that I'm already at a 50 miler. If I push it a little farther then maybe I can get a full 62 miles in. Let's go for a 100k!

It just so happens that JT and Baboo are doing a race this weekend and as a bonus Misty will be there too. I've always wanted to meet the woman behind the Baboo and see this wonder woman in person. So why not?

Who cares that I haven't run, or done any sort of training? Who cares if my longest run since CDA is a whooping 9 miles? What is life if you don't push the limits right?

With that I'm here in Fountain hills getting ready to run the Javilina Jundred. I've got my race number and my gear. I've got NO idea what the hell I'm doing but I don't care.

JT asked what I was going to do regarding hydration, wear the pack or just do a bottle? I don't know!

What about nutrition, Gu's or race food?
I don't know!

How about lights? I don't know!!

I have realized that I am completely flying by the seat of my pants. and you know what? I'm perfectly ok with that.

Let the fun and games begin!


Bootchez said...

It is simply REMARKABLE how much you and I have in common (with our running, anyway. Oh, and blog templates. And an overwhelming fondness for the couch.).

Best of luck to you in your remarkable attempt at shear lunacy in the Jundred! I really wanna give some witty advice/encouragement right here, but all I can think of is

Keep Moving Forward.

I just cannot wait to hear all about it!

S. Baboo said...

And, as they say, the rest is history. I'm REALLY looking forward to reading about the history!

chris mcpeake said...

Hope the Jundred went well for you

Herself, the GeekGirl said...

So, how do you feel it went? Do tell!
PS: Did I live up to expectations? i was a little freaked out at the race, nervous, and when I'm nervous, I clam up.

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