Monday, May 3, 2010

Where can I get a horse?

Because I am freaking starving!!

All this Ironman training is starting to hit me. Am I faster? No! Am I stronger? No (but maybe stronger smelling)!

But I sure am hungrier!

In traditional Formulaic style, I am WAY behind on my race reports and I think I will actually get one out soon, but in the mean time lets do the numbers:

April Totals:

Workouts: 11
Distance: 17408 (10.88 miles)
Time: 07:32:32

Workouts: 15
Distance: 344.13
Time: 24:39:52

Workouts: 14
Distance: 84.32
Time: 14:46:41

This is better and worse than last month.

Both the swim and the run are slightly lower than last month, but the bike is 31% higher! So overall, I am 17% higher this month than last month.

I only have 8 weeks until IMCDA, so it’s about time to ratcheting it down and begin hell month!

For the next month and half, I am thinking lots of bike, lots of run and lots of swim over and over again!

Originally, I started the year, thinking that I would go fast and later, about now, I would start working on distance. Somehow I screwed up my training plan and forgot to work on speed on the bike so now I am forced to work on speed and distance all at once.

Hence the 'hungry as a horse'!

I’m looking forward to the end of this training cycle so I can get back to a normal life.

Anyone know what that looks like? What is normal nowadays?


Bootchez said...

If you screw around with the numbers enough, you can convince yourself of just about anything. Go ahead!

Normal? I don't know, I just came in from outside where my darling boyfriend is actually watering the snow, speeding along its retreat from our yard. This IS normal for me, so perhaps I'm not the best judge.

*I* am working on my marathon race report. Perhaps I'll get it out in the next week or month. Sympathy to you, fellow race report procrastinator . . .

RBR said...

Well, since someone (and by 'someone' I mean YOU) does not have a race schedule or do ANY sort of communicating of what races they are doing, so who the hell knows if you are behind on race reports?

I mean, sure, we ASSUME you are since it is you and god forbid you let your adoring public (and by 'adoring public', I mean ME, 'cuz, really, I am the only one that matters. Or at least the only one snarky enough to bitch about it) know race you rocked the hell out of. Some of us (again, meaning ME) need to live our race lives vicariously through your awesomeness.

Get typing Mr!

Egocentric comment complete

Stef0115 said...

While it seems perfectly normal for someone training for Ironman to be hungry my own appetite seems to be spiraling out of control for some reason that is frustrating right now.

What can I do except go to the pool right?

Oh and for bloggers, such as yourself, who are behind on their race reporting, here's my opinion: Get on the Stick man! Come awn! Either that or really the latest one should be the freshest in your mind right now so do that.

Or forget about it and start with the next one. I DO EXPECT to see a CDA race report! I want to know how it was compared to last year and I don't want to wait till next year!

Got it.

S. Baboo said...

Ahh, the glory days of having an apetite AND working out enough to eat a lot!

ShirleyPerly said...

I wouldn't have a clue what "normal" is ;-)

But I do know what a race report looks like and this ain't it. Type, type, type!!!

Rachel said...

Ah, the IronBeast. Yes, I remember the uncontrollable burgers, shakes, and fries urges. And I wouldn't even be full afterwards! You are going to do awesome at CdA!