Tuesday, August 11, 2009

And now for something completely different

Despite what I do, I actually believe that you should take some time off after an Ironman. Or at least after your first one, you should take some time off. The body is in shock; you deserve a rest; in my case, you have a new family to enjoy. Blah, blah, blah…Truth is I wanted to relax for a little while.

That didn’t last long. Before too long my mind was raring to go. I needed something to do physically. I needed some way to make the body tired and the muscles sore. I needed to hurt.


P90X is a ‘revolutionary body changing program’ (the program doesn’t say that…but I am hoping….). Basically, you follow the DVD program for 90 days and viola! A new fitter, leaner and better you. Each day consist of either a muscle or a cardio exercise with a few stretch or rest days thrown in too.

Each day is a different type of exercise and the basic idea is shock the body so that it never plateaus or gets lazy on us. It’s right up a triathletes alley! Each day something different? Each day my body is getting stronger and better? You mean I might actually have some arm definition after I am done with this? I just might have the shoulder strength to swim without having to resort tot the doggy paddle?

Well…the program doesn’t say that…but I am hoping….

So, what the hell. I went for it! I mean what do I have to lose? I am on ‘vacation’ right? Time to shake it up a little bit. “Shock and awe” the body!

I started the program right after the 4th of July, so I am a month into it now. I’ll post soon in more detail on how things are going but let me tell you, there is nothing in this program that doesn’t make you sweat! Even the silly Stretch X (the ‘lazy’ day) makes me sweat! The Yoga is a grueling and slow torture session that finds me dripping in sweat before I am 30 minutes in. And the Chest and back?? Forget about it! My first day I was sore for three days! I have since learned to pace myself better.

Before you start, you take your measurements and ‘before’ pics. Soo….

That’s right! I am going to do the unthinkable. I am going to post my before pics (or at least a cropped down version of them. Trust me; it’s for your safety. You don’t want to see this thing a swim suit! They harpoon things smaller!)

Now before I post, I just want to remind you…ah screw it! I had this whole speech about ‘cast not the first stone, lest he be judged’ and crap about courage and what not, but screw it! I started this blog to prove that the average man can do it. That holds true even to this, so here we go:

You would think that after 8 months of training for an Ironman, a body would look more ironman-sh?

I'm told there is a six pack in there....somewhere!

This explains my swim times!


Borsch said...

Form...you think you could be harpooned? I'm sure if we were swimming next to one another they were forsure take me! :-)

I hope you enjoy the program. Uggg..Chest/Back days. And Yoga...did anyone order burning legs? OUCH

Ohio Grandma said...

I seen Form a few weeks ago, and body has changed very much. Program is working , congradulations! Ohio Grandma

The Stretch Doc said...

yeah dont let this guy fool anyone.. he's an animal.. "time off" yeah right!

keep up the good P90X work, you da man!


ShirleyPerly said...

I've heard about this P90X thing but have not seen anyone ever post their results from it. New body aside, if you slash your swim times significantly, I might have to give it a try!

Stef0115 said...

Ha! Now you HAVE to post after pictures!

I like this direction and am very curious about P90X. Now that I have friends doing it you may influence me to commit . . . .